Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Liz Lisa Fukubukuro

I know, it's been a super long time since I've blogged.  Life keeps getting in the way of having time to sit down and write.   I'd like to say I'm going to really do better in the new year, but already things are shaping up to be really busy for me.  I'm definitely going to try though.  ^_^

Today, I just wanted to share some photographs of my Liz Lisa fukubukuro.  For those that are unfamiliar, fukubukuro means 'lucky bag' in Japanese.  It's something that is really popular for New Year.  Basically retailers put together a bag of random pieces of merchandise and price the bag at something less than retail price.  Many times it is a super good deal and you'll find you pay 40, 50 or even 60% less than retail price on the individual items.  That's the good part.  The bad part is you have to be prepared to get an item or two you aren't really too keen on.  

Anyway, I ordered the Liz Lisa small carry trunk/case.  It was priced at ¥15,000, which is about $125.00 US with the current exchange rate.  That alone made it a good deal, IMO.

This was what was supposed to be inside, when the LLGals posted the reveal on their blog.

I really liked the coat because it had a fur-trimmed hood and a hood is really something I need with winters around here.  I also have been in need of a casual coat, because I only have a couple of very dressy ones.  I liked the dress too, because I'm kinda into plaid right now.  I was hoping it was a decently heavy material.

However as you'll see, what was pictured was not at all what I received.  

When I got home, I was super excited to see this enormous box!  I was actually getting a bit concerned it wasn't arriving.  I ordered it at the beginning of December, and I knew it wasn't due to be shipped out until January 8.  However, Tenso notified me that my box had shipped on January 7.  It arrived on January 11.   A little longer than usual.   Anyway, felt kinda bad for my postman; this thing was insanely heavy.  Although, with as many packages as I normally get from Japan, I pretty much regularly feel badly for my postman.  He got a nice Christmas gift though.  ^_^

The carry case exceeded my wildest expectations.  The print is absolutely gorgeous and it is the perfect size!  

Here's what I saw when I opened it.

I was a little surprised that it appeared the coat was white, not the beige color depicted in the LLGal's reveal.  Here's what was inside:

At first, I was a little disappointed.  The coat, while really pretty, didn't have a hood; so, that's probably not going to work out so well for me, and my first reaction to the skirt and top was....meh....not very exciting.  However, after I put them on, I changed my mind.

The coord is super cute and perfect for me to wear for the office.  I've really been into high-waisted skirts and pants these days; so the skirt actually made me pretty happy.  The material is rather on the light side, but it's really flowy and seems to be relatively wrinkle-resistant (a very desirable quality for me, since I hate ironing).

The blouse is actually gorgeous.  The lace and collar are so detailed. 

So, overall, I'm pretty happy, actually.  All my items were from 2014, which was a relief after I had read some posts from gals on Instagram about how they had received old items from 2011 and 2012!  I am bit disappointed with the coat, but the case, blouse and skirt are great.  I think I got my money's worth, and it was definitely worth doing once.  I had a coupon for discounted shipping with Tenso, but shipping was still pretty expensive.  I don't normally use Tenso, since when I order things for myself, I usually just have my store supplier in Tokyo send the items to me with my store inventory, but this was something that was so large it had to come by itself.  I'm not sure if I'll order another fukubukuro in the future, but it was a fun experience.

Did any of you order fukubukuro?  What did you get and how did you like the items you received?  I'd love to hear - leave a comment below and let me know!  ^_^

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Random Coords & Where I've Been

I know it's been so long since I've blogged and I feel terrible for neglecting it.  It is a lame excuse, but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.  :-p

There have been a number of catastrophic natural weather-related disasters here where I live, and unfortunately, I couldn't escape being very negatively affected by them.  TBH, things still aren't back to normal.  :-(  I can only hope that Winter will not be so severe.

So anyway, I've collected a number of photos of random coords I've worn over the summer.  Despite natural disasters, a gal still has to look good!  ^_^  So this will be rather photo-heavy.

I've provided links in the photo caption to where you can purchase some of the items I'm wearing.

Liz Lisa 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Salopette - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Dress

Liz Lisa Dress - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Angel Print 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Organdy 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Gingham Check 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Striped Organdy 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Princess Floral Chiffon
Organdy Overlay 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Floral Tiered Maxi Dress - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Cotton Lace Dress - Purchase HERE
Liz Lisa Mermaid Print Apron-Style Dress - Purchase HERE
Liz Lisa Messenger Bag

Liz Lisa Tie Neck Blouse - Purchase HERE
My Melody 2-Way Purse

Liz Lisa 2-Piece Set

Liz Lisa Lace Bustle Skirt - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Lace Sleeveless Dress

Penderie 2-Piece Bear Set/Room Wear - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Organdy Overlay 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE
Liz Lisa Bow Bag Bag

Liz Lisa Lace & Organza 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE
Liz Lisa Boston Bag

Liz Lisa Tiered Cotton Maxi Dress and Liz Lisa Flower 2-Way Bag

Liz Lisa Mermaid Print Baby Doll Top
Liz Lisa Bow Purse

Liz Lisa Cherry Print Dress
Liz Lisa Boston Bag

Liz Lisa Embroidered Organdy Overlay Dress
Liz Lisa Flower 2-Way Bag

Liz Lisa Organdy Overlay Salopette
Liz Lisa Flower 2-Way Bag

Liz Lisa Lace Panel Dress
Liz Lisa 2-Way Daisy Bag - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Floral Organdy Salopette - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Striped Organdy 2-Piece Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa My Melody Collaboration Floral Chiffon Dress

Liz Lisa Floral Lace Tiered Dress

Liz Lisa Butterfly 2-Piece Sweater Set - Purchase HERE

Liz Lisa Cotton Embroidered Dress

Casual Eyemake - Lenses:  I.Fairy Kitten Tears

Liz Lisa Floral Chiffon Jumper Skirt/JSK

Many of the items I'm wearing that do not contain links will be coming soon to Kawaii Gyaru Shop and I will add the links to this post as the items arrive.  You can find coupon codes by following on Facebook and then following the official models on their social media.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Two Cents Regarding: Can I Still Be Gal If......and a Sneak Preview of Upcoming Store Items

Hello lovelies.  I regret that I haven't posted in a while.  It sounds so lame, but I've been extremely busy at both work and my home business, which doesn't leave much free time, especially with a number of home-owner emergencies, like our roof leaking and our air con giving up right in the middle of one of the hottest days so far this Summer.  Ugh.

I am really happy to say that Lizzie Bee, who writes the blog Eternise-Moi, has graciously accepted a sponsorship with Kawaii Gyaru Shop.  We're so excited to be working with Lizzie.  She recently posted a review for the store and you can read it here.  Lizzie regularly posts every Sunday and her blog is filled with all kinds of pertinent information for those of us in the gal community and I do highly recommend checking her out.

Of particular note is a post Lizzie did recently, Can I Still Be Gyaru If.....   I absolutely agree with her views in answer to this often-asked question.  I see both new and prospective gals asking this question all the time, and even some long-time gals start to question things sometimes.  I know the community can sometimes be intimidating for newcomers.  It seems like there are so many rules and, I hate to say it, but unfortunately, there can also be some rather blunt judgments made about others regarding style or look.  For the most part though, the majority of gals provide positive, constructive advice and criticism.  This is really what the community is there for, to help everyone be the best gyaru that they can.  Unfortunately, there will always be those people who can basically be lacking in tact or communication skills, and feelings can be hurt with comments or statements that could have been expressed more thoughtfully.  I would say that if you're ever on the receiving end of such a comment, that you should try to consider if there is anything constructive you can take away from it and try to not take anything too personally.  (I know, easy in theory, but hard to do in practical application in the moment.)

I would like to add a bit to Lizzie's response to the question:  Can I still be gyaru if.....I'm over 20?  Not that I don't think Lizzie's answer is spot-on (because I do), but Lizzie is herself in her 20s, which I consider to be the 'most common' gyaru age.  So, I just want to give a different perspective; one from someone who is substantially over the age of 20.  After all, my blog is targeted specifically to older gyaru.

Like Lizzie, my answer is a resounding, 'YES!'  I am constantly reading about gals who think they need to 'graduate' from a particular style because they feel they are getting 'too old.'  Now, it's fine if you really just want to change your style, because inside you just feel your style doesn't suit you or your situation anymore, but I really take issue with those who are feeling pressured in one way or another to abandon a style that suits them just for the sake of their chronological age according to the years on their birth certificate, or because people in their lives, at work, at home, relatives or whatever are making negative comments that are affecting the way that they feel about themselves.  IMO, this just isn't a good reason to 'move on' or change your style.  TBH, it's not being true to yourself and it shows that you may have insecurities that you might want to examine more closely.

To me, gal is about expressing yourself and your individuality, but even more important it is about an attitude of confidence and a true feeling of self-security and acceptance, even if no one around you has anything positive to say.  So, you're missing the mark regarding the whole ideology behind gyaru if you feel you need to change your style just because of a number or because you feel outside pressure from others.  That being said, if gal isn't giving you that self-confidence, maybe it's time for a different style.  Don't forget, gyaru started out as a way for young girls in Japan to basically rebel against conformity.

For me, personally, gal-style has contributed immensely to my self-confidence and this has been over many, many years.  I haven't always been part of the community, as a matter of fact, I've purposely avoided it at times.  However, I can say that I've dressed in a hime-kaji style for more than 2 decades.  My makeup has changed a bit over the years, and even now, much of the time I have a more toned-down gyaru eye-make, mainly because it suits me and my everyday life, but I'm still gal.  I'm still gal even when I read quite a bit of criticism about the 'toned down/Tsubasa Masawaka' style, which is basically how I would describe my everyday gal style.  Some in the community say it's not gal because Tsubasa isn't gal anymore (which she herself has said).  However, I beg to differ because nearly all the components are still there and most important, despite her protestations, her attitude of self-confidence about her look is still there.  IMO, in most cases, you can take the girl out of the gal, but you can't take the gal out of the girl.

Tsubasa Masawaka

Hime-kaji in particular is a gyaru style that I often hear is something one needs to 'graduate' from or move on from when reaching a particular age.  Obviously, I disagree with this, because I choose to stick with this style, and it suits me.  Most people agree and I often get very positive comments, even from random people I don't know.  Even if I didn't though, I would continue wearing the style that makes me feel good about myself....and really, to me, that's what gal is all about - express yourself and feel GOOD about it, and what others say be damned.

So now that I've gotten that off my chest, now for something completely different....well, sort of.  Some random coords I've worn over the past few weeks.  The first coord here is a set from DreamV which is going to very shortly be up at Kawaii Gyaru Shop.  The best thing about this set is that I will be carrying it in the expanded larger sizes.  I will have size L up to size 3L, the latter being able to accommodate up to a 44-inch (111 cm) bust.  I will also have it in multiple colors.  It is two pieces; a tank-style dress with a cute sailor/school-girl style top.  Here are just two of the colors:

DreamV 2-Piece Set - Navy x White

DreamV 2-Piece Set Pink-Beige x White

Those familiar with my store know that I carry a lot of Liz Lisa.  Recently I've also been acquiring more MA*RS.  I like to dabble in agejo myself, but don't often have places I can wear it in my everyday life.  I do so love the style and MA*RS.

Real MA*RS 3-Piece Set

Real MA*RS 3-Piece Set
Top - Tralala; Skirt - Liz Lisa
All these items above will soon be up at Kawaii Gyaru Shop.  ^_^

Now just some random coords of my own:

Top and Skirt Both Liz Lisa

Dress - Liz Lisa
Forgive my lack of shoes, my feet were killing me from working all day.

That's about it for now....just remember:  what is important is how you feel about yourself, not what others say about you.  ^_^